Sharing Content with Athletes Helping Athletes 

AHA wants to use its website to shine a light on the great work of its participating Student Athlete Leaders and their high schools, and we need your help.  The AHA site is capable of posting articles, photo galleries and calendar items, and this year we’re going to step up our social media efforts, too. 

So, how can you help us broaden the reach and visibility of the Student Athlete Leadership Team?  By sending us information about your events and activities in bullet point form that includes the Who; What; When; Where and Why.

Also, think about assigning one or two of your students to take on the role of communications manager during events.  Communications managers can use their smartphone to take photos (see tips below) and short videos, as well as jot down a couple of comments from student leaders, younger students and adult staff on site. 

This information should then be sent via e-mail to AHA Executive Director, Warren Breining (

We look forward to following your activities throughout the school-year, and then sharing all of those inspiring efforts with others.


  • Photo Tips

    When taking photos at events:

    • Be mindful of backgrounds
    • Try a test photo with and without a flash
    • Shoot all video in landscape/horizontal mode
  • Shoot pics both horizontally and vertically, but tend to shoot more horizontally (all video is now produced for widescreen viewing)
  • Do not use your phone’s zoom feature. Just try to get closer to the subject.
  • Shoot at the level of your subjects.  When shooting children try to lower yourself to shoot at their level.  The same holds true when shooting people sitting.

Social Media

If/when posting content across social media platforms, please include one or all of these hashtags:

  • #AHA1819
  • #AthletesHelpingAthletes
  • AHAStudentAthleteLeadershipTeam


Creating a Media Advisory

In some situations, you may want to invite members of the media to attend your Student Athlete Leadership Team event or activity.  If so, it would be helpful to create and distribute a media advisory at least one week to 10 days prior to the date of your event.  On Long Island, you may want to share the media advisory with outlets such as News 12, Newsday, Fios1 News and your local community newspaper.

Below is an example/template of a media advisory.






[NAME OF SCHOOL] Student Athlete Leaders to



WHAT:           The [school name] Student Athlete Leadership Team will [brief description of the event]. 

The Student Athlete Leadership Team is a program created and administered by non-profit Athletes Helping Athletes (AHA), an organization of helping professionals, professional athletes and high-profile amateur athletes dedicated to promoting activities for young athletes that highlight the life lessons and skills inherent in sport.

Through the Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT), AHA trains and prepares high school student athlete leaders to address complex social issues within their communities. AHA’s mission is to inspire leadership through sport, while addressing social issues such as life skills, sportsmanship and civility, substance abuse prevention, violence prevention and physical activity. For more information, please visit the AHA website.

 WHO:              Several students from [name of school] serving as members of the school’s Student Athlete Leadership Team; [list others participating; e.g., elementary/middle school students in grade(s) x, principals, celebrities, dignitaries, etc.]

WHERE:         Exact address and zip code of site and include any special entry instructions, if necessary

WHEN:           xxxday, Month date, 2018 (0:00 PM ET – 00:00 PM ET)

Members of the media interested in attending the activity should contact [name and e-mail address/phone].