Student Athlete Leadership Team Program Athletic Directors and AHA Director, Warren Breining, 3rd from right

“You have meant so much to me, other athletes and children throughout your leadership programs.”

Nancy Lieberman, Basketball Hall of Fame

We have been actively involved with AHA for many years, and have plans to do a lot of work with the Sports Parenting Program too.  It has always been my philosophy that we have to teach positive behaviors and attitudes to athletes at younger ages.”

Michael Heller, former Director of Athletics, Health, Physical Education and Recreation, South Side High School

Each time I work with the student leaders I become more optimistic about the future of our nation. My experience has shown me just how powerful teenagers can be as role models and mentors to younger students.”

Bernie Stein, SALT Trainer

We are very excited that the school district and the community are behind us with this important program.”

Mariusz Borkowski, Bayshore High School Physical Education and Health Teacher; SALT Program Coordinator

I was an avid member of AHA in high school and believe it is one of the greatest programs running.”

Matthew Johansen, Former West Hempstead H.S. SALT Student Leader

SALT allows athletes to give back to the community by providing the opportunity. It is this opportunity that carries from the trainings to the classrooms to other programs and beyond.”

Nejib Aminy, Former Half Hallow Hills West SALT Student Leader

The training delivered by SALT trainers not only deals with sports issues, but life, ethical behavior, and positive decision making in general – something high school students can relate to.”

Josef Kaplan, Former Chaminade H.S. SALT Student Leader

The SALT program introduces…very important and timely issues. It places appropriate burdens of responsibility on the high school students to lead good lives for the sake of those who look up to them. It is remarkable to see how seriously they take this responsibility.”

Brother Michael McAward, Former SALT Program Coordinator, Chaminade H.S.

In a world that too often endorses bad behavior, it is rewarding to work with the SALT athletes; they are positive and refreshing role models for the future.”

Leslie Allen, SALT Trainer

Originally a participant and now a trainer, I enjoy the ability to experience the Program from a different perspective and helping student athletes to become involved with younger students in their community.”

Tara Allen, SALT Trainer

I get great satisfaction watching our student athlete leaders discovering their self worth in helping their communities.”

 Dan Bedard, SALT Trainer

I truly enjoy working with the student athlete leaders and helping them build character and discipline through the life lessons they learn in sports.”

Jay Bryant, SALT Trainer

Working with SALT allows me to give back to student athletes by sharing my experiences with them. I love the program and very proud to represent AHA.”

Monge Codio, SALT Trainer

AHA is definitely a Win Win.”

Kyle Copeland-Muse, SALT Trainer

As a former student athlete leader, this is the one program I was a part of in high school with real world application that manifests itself in my life every day. AHA has truly made a difference in the person I have become.”

Nicole Sieben, SALT Trainer