Since 1984, Athletes Helping Athletes (AHA) has been training and mobilizing high school student athletes with its Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) Program. Currently operating in more than 40 school districts in five counties throughout the New York metropolitan area, SALT has trained more than 20,000 high school student leaders, reaching more than a 450,000 elementary school students.

SALT cultivates leadership skills in young people by capitalizing on the best aspects of sports participation to address social issues. SALT student leaders are empowered to exemplify superior standards in citizenship and decision making skills, and to serve as role models in their community. SALT fortifies student leaders with the skills needed to counteract the destructive elements of our society, while promoting positive and healthy lifestyle choices.

70% of student leaders surveyed said that SALT has impacted them by:

  • Influencing their abilities to behave in positive and healthy manners

  • Helping them develop the power to refuse dangerous behaviors in sport and outside of sport

  • Helping them develop leadership and critical thinking skills