Board Members

“Congratulations to AHA for another successful year of leadership programs.” 

Pat LaFontaine, former NY Islander and Ranger, NHL Hall of Fame Inductee


AHA Director, Warren Breining, receives the 2005 Sports Leadership Award


Warren D. Breining received his B.A. degree from Adelphi University and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare from Stony Brook University. While attending college, Mr. Breining also served in the media relations department of the New York Islanders.

Mr. Breining spent five years with the Nassau County Drug and Alcohol Commission and two years with the Suffolk County Youth Bureau. In 1983, Mr. Breining became the executive director of the Phil Esposito Foundation where he was responsible for creating and implementing a series of career transition programs for active and retired athletes. The Foundation also conducted programs to prevent drug and alcohol abuse among active and retired athletes, and, for those with substance abuse problems, to aid in the referral for professional counseling.

In 1985, Mr. Breining founded Athletes Helping Athletes, Inc., as a not-for-profit company and created the Student Athlete Leadership Team Program that includes drug and alcohol abuse prevention and civility/sportsmanship programming for elementary, middle and high school students.

In addition, Mr. Breining has, for the past several years, developed and conducted Sports Parenting and Coaches Education programs for Suffolk PAL Hockey and Long Island CYO.

ROBERT STAMPLEMAN, Executive Vice President

Mr. Stampleman, the Executive Vice President and Director of Communications of AHA since it was founded, is the perfect example of someone recognizing early in life his athletic abilities would not take him past the schoolyard.

Wishing to remain a part of the sports community, he attended Emerson College in Boston and Boston University majoring in communications. He went on to become the editor/publisher of a group of sports magazines, editor of New York Islanders’ publications during their Stanley Cup years, editor of GOAL Magazine — at one time the official publication of the National Hockey League — and editor of Recreational Ice Skating, the magazine for the Ice Skating Institute of America. Bob also authored a book on the 1984 Paralympic Games held on Long Island.

JIGGS McDONALD, Special Consultant

A member of the Professional Hockey Hall of Fame, Jiggs is recognized as being one of the finest play-by-play announcers in the National Hockey League. He has called games for the Los Angeles Kings, Atlanta Flames, New York Islanders and Florida Panthers.

A native of Ayr, Ontario, Canada, Jiggs was seen and heard on hockey broadcasts for the USA Network, ESPN, ABC Sports and Turner Broadcasting. In 1992, he entered the world of basketball calling Olympic action for CTV in Canada.

Mr. McDonald is a Director of Athletes Helping Athletes and participates in all facets of the Student Athlete Leadership Team Program, where he specializes in conducting communications workshops and moderating Sports Forums.

Advisory Board

Dan Bedard, Adelphi University 

Larry Hardesty, ESPN Radio 

Pat Lafontaine, NHL Hall of Fame and Companions In Courage

Nancy Lieberman, Basketball Hall of Fame

Paul Grafer, Former MLS player/coach

Michael Heller, Former Athletic Director 

Dave Rubinstein, BZMedia, LL

Billy Taylor, Former New York Giant 


Past Advisory Board Members

Tim Bassett, Former NBA & ABA Player 

Ron Feingold, Adelphi University 

Darcy Regier, Buffalo Sabres